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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Tips for Buying Steampunk Clothing and Accessories

Toronto Steampunk by jareed, on Flickr

Ideas on How to Shop for Steampunk Gear

When you are shopping for the latest in Steampunk fashion and matching gear, it is important to remember a few of the basics of the Steampunk culture and its various sub-cultures.

While many different styles can be melded into your own unique feel, finding the right gear in the right colors can power up your overall Steampunk look.

With several themes to choose from it is easy to find something that shows off your tastes and interests.

This article aims to take a look at some of the basics of shopping for Steampunk apparel and matching it with the right accessories.

Start With a Theme in Mind

Figuring out the theme behind your Steampunk outfit is one of the first things you should think about before getting started. While Steampunk is very versatile, there are specific outfit styles that are highly popular within the culture.

Airship themes are the easiest styles to find in full costumes. Because the industrial steam-powered airship is a common concept in the Steampunk culture, many people who are familiar with the Steampunk craze will naturally think of the muted browns and cogged accessories.

The Victorian gentleman or dame is often a great style to start if you are having problems envisioning your costume. Because nobility is one of the most sought-after classes of Steampunk, many will start with a fancy coat or dress and add creative jewelry or accessories.

However, Steampunk is much more than top hats and parasols. Check out a few more ideas we have for you in the rest of this article.

Choose Your Accessories Wisely

One of the fun things about Steampunk is the great gadgets! Homemade accessories are usually the best since they display a sense of originality and creativeness. Try going for industrial styles with large gears and keys.

Metal cogs, gears, keys, and other industrial inspired trinkets will complete any airship look, while intricate necklaces and bangles will round out any pirate theme.

Whether you want to make your own accessories or buy pre-made items, Steampunk jewelry, pins, and necklaces are available to accent any style. Once you find the right accessory for your outfit, you can base entirely new costumes around your favorite item.

Have fun and remember that the right Steampunk look is one of the best ways to become the most individual and best-dressed person of any party or Steampunk gathering.

Keep Your Colors Solid and Mostly Muted

Blacks, browns, burnt yellows, and sienna oranges are just some of the color schemes you can try.

Try to avoid bright colors and floral prints unless you are going for a particular Steampunk style.

Lace is acceptable, but make sure that it is secondary to your overall outfit. Once again, bright colors or excessive lace can ruin a Steampunk outfit.

If using lace keep it appropriate for the style you are trying to portray.

Wild west girls may have a different style of frills than Victorian nobility.

Photo credit: "Toronto Steampunk" (CC BY 2.0) by jareed